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Objavljeno 29.11.2017. u 14:36h

Dear students, 

We would like to inform you that college "Logos Center" Mostar got a project of student mobility for which we applied together with the University from Hungary - Janos Kodolanyi University of Applied Sciences. 

For students (generation 2015/2016.) of  Business Economy, Management, Entrepreneurship and Business Management and Tourism Management, Hotel industry and service activities (students who have entered the third year of study - V semester, and for those who entered the four-year course) we enabled a visit to Hungary, Budapest

 (link:http://www.budapest.com/)  which lasts for 4 months, starting from January 31, 2018. and ending on  May 2, 2018.

Web address of the institution is: https://www.kodolanyi.hu/en

Students would get a monthly allowance of 850 euros which would be available while staying there.

The deadline for the application is: December 04, 2018.

Students can send their application by e-mail: info@logos-centar.com

Basic requirement: Knowledge of English in speech and writing, students will be ranked according to the average mark in previous education.

Number of mobility: 3


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